Eliza's First Birthday Party

Eliza's First Birthday Party

“Rise & Shine, it’s Donut Time!”

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Eliza’s first birthday than with my personal favorite, donuts!  I craved chocolate frosted donuts when I was pregnant with her....and that craving may or may not have ever went away! However, until her birthday party, Eliza had never even tried a donut! (First kid problems.)

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This donut themed birthday breakfast was super easy and fun to pull together. We had a mid-morning party, which was perfect because it was before lunch and nap time. Decor consisted of DIY tissue paper tassels strung on twine. I stuck with muted tones in light pink, coral, mint, and gold, with a little cream thrown in there too. Scrapbook paper and sticker letters (50% off at Hobby Lobby) came in handy for pennant banners to go on the high chair and the top of the cake. Her high chair banner and the gold O-N-E letters also doubled as photo props for her 1 year photo shoot. (Check out Jessie Ann Photography in Kansas City!)

The star of the show, besides that cute little one-year-old, was obviously donuts. We ordered 3 dozen assorted donuts from our favorite local shop, Lamars. I just refilled the platter as needed. We also ordered 5 dozen donut holes, because....can you really have too many donuts? We set it up so that the donut holes could be eaten as is, or....if you needed a little extra sugar....you could dip, sprinkle, and enjoy. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frosting and assorted sprinkles were at your disposal to create the perfect treat. (Parents were thrilled with me!) I also got some bags of powdered and chocolate donuts. They were topped with washi tape flags and donut themed flags, which I printed from somewhere Pinterest (but can no longer find, sorry). 

I couldn’t JUST have donuts at a birthday breakfast, so we had a cereal and milk bar with 3 types of cereal and 3 types of our local Chateau milk. The milk looked so adorable in the glass jars with gold and white striped paper straws. (I sacrificed for everyone and drank a whole lot of Starbucks Frappuccino drinks for the two months leading up to Eliza’s birthday party so we could have enough glasses for everyone! Soak them in hot water and Dawn for an hour and the labels peel right off.) We offered coffee and lemonade as well. The lemonade was supposed to be tinted mint green using some blueberry lemonade Kool-aid mix, but it ended up more of a lime green. No one (except me) seemed to care. Gold bowls, pink plates, gold utensils, and pink and mint napkins kept the muted color scheme going. 

We also had a yogurt bar with 2 types of yogurt, fruit, granola, and chocolate chips. I hand lettered all the chalkboard signs, including Eliza’s large birthday sign. It listed her stats and favorite things, and I know I’ll love looking back on who she was and what she loved at one year old. 

The birthday girl wore a coral tutu over a glitter vinyl onesie (made by a coworker) that said One. Her gold cowgirl boots were the perfect addition. I made her a lace crown using lace, fabric stiffener spray, and golden glitter paint. She was quite the adorable birthday princess, if I do say so myself. 

Because it was a birthday breakfast, I definitely wanted to do a donut cake. Plain donuts with vanilla frosting, an abundance of sprinkles, and topped with some gold candles was very easy and looked pretty cute. 

I had to make a smash cake, too, of course. I used a recipe very similar to this healthy, low sugar option. (Full disclosure, she hated it.) I made the cake in two small Pyrex dishes and layered them. Then I attempted a rose/swirl design on the top and sides of the cake. It wasn’t my best work....but she was just going to smash it anyway, right? The pennant banner was hung up with twine between 2 paper straws and looked adorable. I couldn’t fit “Happy Birthday,” so I opted for “Happy Day” instead. It really was a Happy Day.

Little guests had the opportunity to make cereal necklaces with yarn and Fruit Loops. Honestly, the Fruit Loops were Eliza’s favorite part. That’s pretty much all she ate at her donut themed birthday party. 

The teacher in me LOVES picture books as guest books (we even did it at our wedding), so everyone signed a copy of “If you Give a Dog a Donut.” It will be fun to pull it off the bookshelf and remember who was at her first birthday party as we read the story together. 

Instead of a parting gift, everyone got paper bags with donut themed sentiments (printed from that same, unkown spot on Pinterest), and they were able to take donuts with them…which prevented us from having tons of leftovers! 

It was such a sweet, special day, celebrating our baby girl with friends and family...one I ‘donut’ want to forget. (See what I did there? You’re welcome.) 

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