Home to House

Home to House

As I stared around at the stacks of moving boxes, I couldn’t help but feel so many emotions: excitement, hope, a twinge of sadness, the friction that comes with change. I looked forward to the peace of being debt free and the ability to stay at home with our kids. I nervously embraced the challenge of our new fixer-upper. I tried to picture it all coming together and wondered what our future held at the new place. I prayed our kids would adjust well to all the changes. 


As I worked to turn a home back into just a house, I remembered the beautiful times, the difficult times, God’s faithfulness, and the abundant blessings we received in that space - our first home picked out together. 

We bought that house 6 years ago at the beginning of our adoption process. We desperately needed a house before we could finish our home study, and the Lord provided a perfect space at a perfect price. At that time, the market was low, and the seller needed out quickly. Six years later, that house would be a catalyst to financial freedom as new schools were built in the area, the market turned around, and houses in that neighborhood sold in just a few days. All God’s grace. That house quickly became a home for 2 people and a small, furry dog.

On August 23, 2014, we brought a tiny baby girl home to that house. We learned what it meant to be parents. We navigated unknown waters. We were amazed at how much we could love another human being. We praised God for the miracle of life.  


On March 26, 2016, we brought another tiny baby girl home to that house. We learned that love is not divided, it is multiplied. We watched sisters become best friends. We rocked a sick baby for many nights and survived extreme sleep deprivation. We laughed and dreamed and marveled at God’s goodness. 


On May 26, 2018, we brought a tiny, brown-eyed 13-month-old home to that house. We learned that love crosses oceans, that God is in the waiting, and that His plans are perfect. We saw sisters immediately and unconditionally love a brother. We became outnumbered in that house. We embraced the chaos and learned to roll with the punches. We praised God for His good gifts. 


All three children were brought home to that same brown house.

All 3 children learned to walk in that small living room.

9 social worker visits happened in that house.

We celebrated holidays and made our own traditions in that house.

How many dance parties did we have in that kitchen?

How many days did we spend in that backyard?

How much sidewalk chalk had been drawn on that driveway?

How many pizza and movie nights did we have in that living room?

How many times had we climbed up and down those stairs?

How many photos did I take in that same spot (because it was the only place I could get my three to sit still)?

Yes, God was so good to us in that house. We grew and loved and learned and laughed in that house. Here’s to memories, new adventures, and believing that home is wherever we are together. No matter where we are, these 4 are my home. 

We’ve been busy working on our new space, and I can’t wait to update you on our little Sunshine House. 

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