Battle Cry: Part 5 - When Mountains Move

Battle Cry: Part 5 - When Mountains Move

On December 12, we got one of the most important phone calls of our lives. 

“I have a file of a little boy for you to review...but before you look at it, you should know that he is in a pretty difficult and tough region for adoptions. Be prepared to wait the average 12-18 months to bring him home....or in this case, it might even be a little longer. Do you still want to review his file?”

Honestly, I was heartbroken, worried, and a little scared about a tough region and a long wait ON TOP OF our 4.5 year wait in a failed adoption process. BUT, in faith, we reviewed his file and felt like God told us he was our son. We believed that he was the one we’d been waiting for all this time, and we knew that we could wait a little longer if God was asking us to wait. 

We suited up and prepared to fight, believing that God would go before us. We battled for him in prayer, and we prayed that mountains would move. We prayed for miracles. And you know what? God graciously moved mountains, and God graciously performed miracles right before our eyes!

Crazy, God-sized things happened, you guys. Our adoption agency just kept being surprised. Things got approved in DAYS instead of weeks like everyone else. India moved with uncharacteristic speed on all of our paperwork. We got Visas we shouldn’t have even been qualified to receive. Our orphanage was very responsive, when everyone’s experience with them had been the opposite. We received many photos of our growing boy. God redeemed difficult dates over and over again. After losing so much money in our failed adoption process, God provided the finances all over AGAIN. God moved MOUNTAINS, you guys, and He moved them in record speeds! 

Then, we prayed and prayed and begged God for a court date in April, before courts closed (which was supposed to happen May 4th). We asked you to pray all month long, and we are thankful for your prayers. By God’s grace, another mountain fell...and this one was a BIG, looming, long-shot of a mountain. But God is bigger, and He has graciously answered our prayers the most unexpected way!

Here we are, just over 4 months from that initial phone call, and we received another very important phone call. This call let us know that we are heading to India in 2 WEEKS!!!! WE HAVE A COURT DATE on May 7th. Apparently courts are remaining open later than expected, and God has answered our prayers by giving us a court date before closure!

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We are praising Him that on May 7th, in a courtroom in India, Judah M***** will officially become a Mackey! Forever.

In 2 WEEKS, we will hold our baby boy in our arms. 

In 2 WEEKS, after 62 months of waiting and praying, we will meet our son face to face. 

Oh, my heart can hardly stand these emotions. Our son’s name means “the Lord will be praised.”   Praise God for moving mountains!


There is one more mountain we are asking Him to move. One more miracle we are asking to see. One more time we are asking you to battle with us on your knees in prayer. After court, we need the judge to issue written court orders BEFORE court closes...and we aren't even sure when court closes, but we know it is SOON. These written orders are needed to get our son’s birth certificate, which is needed to get his passport, which is needed to get his Visa, which is needed to bring him HOME. We plan to stay in India until court closes, trying to get these court documents expedited. IF we are successful in getting them, we will take custody of our son and start the exit process to bring him home WITH us. Honestly, we don’t even know if this prayer request is possible because we are so close to court closure, but we are praying big, bold prayers. We know God is able. We are praying, packing, and preparing like Judah is coming home with us on THIS trip. Please pray with us! 

If we don’t get those documents before court closes, which is a strong possibility, God is still good. We will hug our son and pray over him and leave part of our heart (and an official member of our family) in India until sometime this summer. We pray for the strength, no matter what, to say, “It is well with my soul.” 

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for our court process. Pray that everything would go smoothly and that we would pass court on May 7th.

2. Pray that we would get our written court orders before court closes so we can bring our son home in just a few weeks.  

3. Pray for a smooth, safe travel process to and from India. 

4. Pray for our girls. We are going to India without them, and we don’t have a set date of return yet. They will be in good hands, but it will be so hard to be apart for any extended amount of time. We are looking forward to the day that our family of 5 is finally on the same continent.

5. Pray for our son. This will be the beginning of a very overwhelming time for him. We strongly believe that kids belong in families, but his whole little world is about to be turned upside down. Things will begin to change and become less familiar. Transitions, as we all know, are hard and scary sometimes. 

Here is our checklist. Steps 11-14, we’re coming for you in 2 WEEKS! Keep praying!

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