Battle Cry: Part 6

Battle Cry: Part 6

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month! 

-We sent off our court petition AND received our court date before court closed! Hallelujah!

-We had a very successful t-shirt fundraiser. Thank YOU so much for purchasing shirts and making donations toward our final expenses! Maybe you’ll get to wear those shirts sooner, rather than later, to celebrate his homecoming!!! We can’t wait to see you in them!

-We got our little boy’s room all ready for him to come home soon. (Thanks for the help, grandparents).

-And....we packed our bags for an unknown period of time. 

Now, here we are, driving to Texas and heading to India TOMORROW! It is still surreal that, after over 5 years, we are FINALLY at this stage in the adoption process. 

Here is what we KNOW right now: 

*On May 5th, we are scheduled to arrive in India. We will get to see our son’s birth country and spend some time in his birth city. Because he’s so little and won’t remember much, I plan to take for him to look at until we can come back and visit someday.  

*On May 6th, we will get to meet, play with, hug, and hold (if he'll let us) our baby boy for the very FIRST time. Oh, be still, my heart!

*On May 7th, we get to take him with us to court, stand before a judge, and promise to take care of him forever. 

*Lord (and judge) willing, Judah M. will become a Mackey on Monday, May 7th. He will be declared our son. 

Beyond that, we don’t know much of what will happen while we are in India, as far as timeframes go. But, there is one more thing we KNOW about this trip. We now KNOW Judah will be coming home WITH us....we just don’t know exactly when that will be.

On May 8th, we will step out (maybe leap out) in faith and take custody of our son. Once we take custody, he is ours FOREVER. That means that, no matter how long the rest of the process takes, one of us will have to remain with him in India until we complete everything necessary to bring him home.

Here is the order of events for the rest of our adoption process:

1. Pass court with verbal orders

2. Get written court orders

3. Get his birth certificate

4. Get his passport

5. Travel from his region to New Delhi

6. Medical appointments 

7. Visa appointments

8. Exit permit

9. Bring our baby home

Our attorney has said that we *should* have written court orders & birth certificate 10-12 days after court. We *should* not run into issues with court closing. We *should* be able to get his passport 1-2 days after written orders. We *should* only need to spend 4 days in New Delhi for visa appointments. That all means that we *should* be HOME with Judah about 3 weeks after court. Because of this “quick,” estimated time frame, we have decided to remain in India and take custody of him until he can leave too. It seems the final steps of the adoption process move much more quickly if you are in country and are able to follow up with things in person. 

But you’s India....and anything can happen. *SHOULD* doesn’t always mean a whole lot in India. Please pray that everything moves with great speed. We would love to be gone no more than 3 weeks, especially since we are leaving our girls behind. (Please pray for my divided heart.) At church last week, someone jokingly said, “Say bye to Marcus and Kayla! They’re moving to India.” That’s kind of what it feels like at this point, but we will keep you updated on this adventure all along the way. 

We may not know exactly when or how things are about to unfold, but we know that (Lord willing) BIG things are in store! We officially gain a SON in just a few days. Our son gains a FAMILY in just a few days. We can begin getting to know Judah and taking care of him in just a few days. We get some sweet 1 on 1 time with him that even Hattie never got to experience (sorry, middle child). AND we get to experience his first hometown in a way that will be so special to share with him in the future. No matter what, God is in control, and we trust His sovereign plan. This is an amazing story that He is writing, and we can’t wait to see the rest of it unfold.

Pray for safety & peace for all 5 of us. We’re India bound - TOMORROW!

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